You probably know that CAD projects take time and take up a significant amount of storage space on your hard drive, especially if they are complex. Cyber-attacks are so prevalent in today’s world that it’s vital to secure your CAD files. It is almost impossible to utilize an autocad  offline computer for creating CAD designs which is a fact that you need to accept.

Do you have the ability to remain online, use all the valuable resources , and keep your CAD data safe? Scroll below to see our tips.

Select the appropriate CAD file format

If you’re familiar with inventor software’s file extensions and file extensions, then you be able to figure out what you need to do.

Cloud Storage or Server

It’s not difficult to manage a handful of CAD files. In some cases, files can exceed 50Mb. This is particularly true if you are creating your own dynamic blocks. Layer groups let you include multiple descriptions and designs layers for printing.

Use a VPN to secure your data transfer to CAD

To ensure your CAD data is safe and secure, you need an Virtual Private Network (or VPN) .

What can what does a VPN provide to protect your information? To connect to the VPN network, you will have to log in.

To sign in to this network, you’ll require a VPN application. The VPN client is able to encrypt all data packets and adds routing information (the address of the recipient) into each packet header. Your CAD files are safe regardless of whether they traverse network that is shared or public.